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your team doesn't sync?

Gain alignment on strategy at the executive level and eliminate the confusion. 

We all know that one person on our team; the coworker who dominates meetings and always pushes their opinion. They become a bulldozer and start to shape our strategy and goals just because they have the loudest voice.  Does this really equal good strategy? 

How do you know your executives agree on your business strategy?


Disagreement is common!  According to PI research, senior leaders agree on no more than 70% of their company’s objectives. This causes problems not only at the top, but on every level of the organization. 

The PI Design solution ensures all leaders are on the same page about the business strategy—so they can design an aligned talent strategy.

The PI Design solution


Build a talent strategy that aligns with your business strategy using the PI Design solution. We offer software, workshops, and expert consulting, to help you transform your company. 

Here’s how we can help:

How does the PI Design solution work?


Step one

Gain agreement on strategic priorities among the executive team using the PI Strategy Assessment. Use the results to spark important conversations. The Align Strategy and Leadership Team Chart reveals senior leadership fit and gaps between their behavioral profiles and the business strategy in order to make sure organizational change can happen.

Step two 


Need help building agreement on strategy, revising your business or talent strategy, or understanding your senior team dynamics? We can help with the Execute Strategy With Confidence Workshop. In order to come to alignment and create transformation at n organization difficult conversation have to happen and most company need help.  As expert PI consultants, we will be by your side every step of the way, and help your senior team discuss and execute the needed change management. 

Start with a foundation of

Senior team alignment


According to PI research, 52% of CEOs who set goals in 2018 didn’t achieve them. 

Without strategy alignment, companies end up chasing competing goals. Come out on top and get alignment up front with your senior team. 

What is The secret to Top hiring and managing people effectively? 

Talent optimization. But first you have to have the foundation of an agreed-upon business strategy.  

The PI Design solution was created for just that:  finding and fixing misalignment between leaders about business strategy.


You've got to have the right people in place to support a strategic initiative, because without people how can you succeed! 

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