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About Us

Hunter-Ross, LLC is a business advisory based in Victor, New York, specializing in employee engagement, workforce analytics, leadership and culture improvement consulting, talent acquisition and executive search.  We are a Predictive Index Certified Partner, Qualtrics EX Partner and PI Master Training Center.  We help companies achieve best-in-class engagement performance through a unique blend of analytics, organizational consulting, employee development and talent acquisition.


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Fostering Great Management

Business and HR leaders stay awake at night thinking most about this part of their business: man­agement. 
The daily, weekly, and monthly activity managers use to guide, support, and align their people has far-reaching effects on the success of the business. In many ways, managers at all levels are the most important capability you have. CEOs can create strategies, investors can optimize capital, and marketers can create demand, but when it comes to building products and offerings, serving clients, developing inter­nal processes, energizing teams and assuring performance goals are met, great managers make things happen





Goal "Focus" Drives Alignment

Great managers live by goals.  They know how to set simple, clear goals - create alignment, clar­ity, and job satisfaction—and they revisit and discuss them regularly.






Effective Coaching

A coach­ing culture is highly correlated with business performance, employee engagement, and overall retention


Leadership Development

Continuous focus on building and coaching managers as leaders and con­necting leaders to each other is critical to building a highly engaged workforce.


A Culture of "Continuous Development"

A management culture of continuous feedback, coaching, and “talent production” are hallmarks of high engagement companies. 


Our Engagement Advisory helps identify opportunities for improvement and solutions that help develop great managers.  We provide a variety of assessment solutions and advising based on your unique needs and opportunities for improvement. 

"Only 51 percent of companies even attempt to develop aligned goals and among these, only 6 percent regularly revisit them."

“Great coaches understand people’s strengths, move them into positions and rearrange work to leverage these strengths, and coach them to build on these strengths.” ~ Marcus Buckingham