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Resumes don't always give us the true picture. But objective data does. Start predicting candidate fit and make better hires.

hire Better.

We all know Job candidates aren't always honest on resumes and during interviews and some even lie.  Many emphasize their strengths and hide or omit their weaknesses.  You hire based on this partial or fabricated information on resumes, but the truth always comes out in the end. 

The PI Hire solution is here to sort out  the bad fits and identify the right match for any position at your organization. Imagine how much grief, not to mention money, you’d save if you could predict which candidates would be successful up front.

Our Solution: Hire with PI

The PI Hire solution is a powerful process for hiring candidates. From software to workshops to professional consulting, we give you the tools and knowledge you need to hire top talent and keep that talent around.  

PI Job Assessment

Create a Job Target so you know the behavioral and cognitive requirements of a role. Then you can make a smart hire the first time!

Match Score

Quickly see which candidates are a match in the PI Platform. The match score ranks candidates based on the fit from the behavioral and cognitive assessments. 

Interview Guide

Don't be duped in the interview anymore! Use the interview guide to help you probe gaps between the Job Target and the behavioral and cognitive results of the candidate.

Start hiring today.

When it comes to engagement,

Job fit matters.


Research shows there are four forces that ruin employee engagement:

  • A misalignment between the employee and their Job

  • A misalignment between the employee and their Manager

  • A misalignment between the employee and the People on their team

  • A misalignment between the employee and the Organization


Most companies don’t consider how job fit for a new hire effects employee engagement, let alone how managers, teams, and company culture does.  

Avoid disengagement, conflict, and toxicity these problems by  starting with using the the PI Behavioral Assessment for hiring.  

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