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About Us

Hunter-Ross, LLC is a business advisory based in Victor, New York, specializing in employee engagement, workforce analytics, leadership and culture improvement consulting, talent acquisition and executive search.  We are a Predictive Index Certified Partner, Qualtrics EX Partner and PI Master Training Center.  We help companies achieve best-in-class engagement performance through a unique blend of analytics, organizational consulting, employee development and talent acquisition.


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In a survey last year, 750 hiring managers gave themselves a collective C- for the quality of their hiring processes. That same group was responsible for hiring over 81,000 new employees in 2017. Yet the decision to hire is often the single most important decision we make in our organizations. This isn’t news to most managers and recruiters. According to studies, 46% of new hires are terminated, leave under pressure, or receive significant disciplinary action and negative reviews within their first 18 months?

Objective Hiring is Smart Hiring

As a Certified Partner of The Predictive Index (PI), we provide you with the tools to move beyond your gut and apply a repeatable methodology.  With the PI platform and science you will create predictability in your hiring process and results that will save you time and angst and result in consistently better hires.  

How do we know it works? 

With more than 60 years of science, 6,500+ clients, more than 350 validity studies, and more than 27 million assessments under our belts, The Predictive Index has demonstrated countless correlations between behavioral traits and on-the-job performance.


Posting a job on the internet and crossing your fingers isn't working anymore. 


Competing for top talent requires the right knowledge, utilization of best hiring practices, technologies, and sourcing techniques.  We provide a hiring process analysis that unpacks your current process and provides a comprehensive set of recommendations, solutions, and implementation.   

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