The Pi job assessment


Determine behavioral requirements of a role and comparing candidates against your benchmark. 

Do you hire with your "gut"? 


Job descriptions are important for communicating the tasks and skills required for a role, but they don't tell us what kind of person will succeed best in that job.


This makes it hard for hiring managers trying to find real people to match these limited job descriptions. Most of us rely on “gut instinct” and regret it in the long run. According to research, 46% of new hires fail within 18 months.*


The good news is that PI has a solution: the PI Job Assessment and Job Targets. Evaluate candidates based on researched science that focuses on not only skills, but also on behavioral and cognitive traits that are needed to succeed in the role. 

What if you knew a candidate’s fit beyond their resume before your hired them?

Create job targets before posting jobs postings go up


With PI you have access to our simple Job Assessment tool. Completing this process helps you examine and identify what traits will lead to success in each specific role. Once all the input is gathered, from either a single user or a group of stakeholders, a job target is generated to guide you through making a hire! 













Remove bias from hiring


Whether we know it or not, we all have biases that crop up in the hiring process. With PI we help you create objective measures of the job and the candidate, eliminating bias. Enable inclusion and safe hiring with our tools in your recruitment and your development practices.

Define your established roles

Go beyond hiring with the Job Assessment. Use it to objectively define the behavioral and cognitive requirements of all the unique roles in your organization. Then you can utilize your Job targets for succession planning, coaching, and employee development to support a robust talent strategy. 


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