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About Us

Hunter-Ross, LLC is a business advisory based in Victor, New York, specializing in employee engagement, workforce analytics, leadership and culture improvement consulting, talent acquisition and executive search.  We are a Predictive Index Certified Partner, Qualtrics EX Partner and PI Master Training Center.  We help companies achieve best-in-class engagement performance through a unique blend of analytics, organizational consulting, employee development and talent acquisition.


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Employees are at their best when they have a sense of meaning in their role and work environment.  Achieving this sort of high employee engagement requires focus on job-person fit - or "alignment."  Providing teams and managers with the right data, tools and autonomy is critical.  We help you assess your organization and apply good data across your organization and then help you implement the systems that truly drive alignment and meaningful work - critical elements for high engagement.




This is what “Best-in-Class” organizations strive for. They understand and apply good data to their HR processes, including selection, performance coaching, teams and succession.  Alignment becomes more balanced when individual's natural tendencies are aligned with their unique behavioral job and team profiles.


Select to Fit = Meaningful Work

Imagine you are an right handed pitcher on a baseball team and the coach requires you to throw with your left hand for a game.  Managers across your organization unknowingly do this all the time.  Employees are asked to work in roles they are just not wired for.  Applying the right assessment data to employees and positions will provide the data needed for high engagement and a stronger sense of meaningful work.  Highly engaged companies consistently achieve greater than 80% positive employee engagement ratings. These top quartile organizations all have two things in common. 


                 1. They experience 65% less unwanted employee turnover, AND
                 2. 94% of them use validated assessments in their pre-hire selection and post-hire HR process.


Our Engagement Advisory helps identify opportunities for improvement and solutions that drive meaningful work.  We are a Certified Partner of The Predictive Index, the most validated and safe assessment science on the market.  We also provide a variety of assessment solutions and advising based on your unique needs and opportunities for improvement. 

"Fewer than 40 percent of all hiring teams use any form of formal pre-hire assessment." (Deloitte Study, 2017)