• Nick Ryberg

The Best Way to Dramatically Improve Your Hiring Process

Does the scenario described below sound familiar? You're spending months at a time placing ads, dealing with pesky recruiter calls, tediously going through piles of resumes, and preparing and conducting phone interviews. You have narrowed the field down to several candidates and your hiring manager can't seem to agree on who is the best fit for the job?

In this situation, you instinctively use your best HR coaching and advice skills, but the group just doesn't come to an agreement. In the end, the hiring manager quietly defers to what she thinks her boss favors. And now you've got that sinking feeling that it may not be the right hire.

If you know that story all too well, ask yourself, what criteria did your organization utilize during the hiring process? Aside from total compensation requirements, there are two primary topics of focus.

  • Technical Skills & Experience This becomes the primary criteria and the most focus for interviewers – for obvious reasons, but also a stronger element of subjectivity than most think.

The Interview "Feel" How did the interview team "like" the candidates - did they have a good feeling about culture fit and values, etc.? This is the part where opinions, bias, and potential liability creep in.

When it comes to hiring, most companies use this formula and it just doesn't capture the complete set of data that's available. The complete set of data would include assessment information. Most employers only focus on interviews and technical experience/qualifications. So what's missing? The answer is simple, safe, reliable, validated assessment data. Over 90% of top quartile employee engagement companies have figured this one out. They incorporate assessment data into their hiring and selection decisions. The objective of job alignment as a key driver of employee engagement is well embraced by top performing companies - and they see bottom line results.

One of the highest predictors of on-the-job performance is adding the combination of a behavioral assessment and a cognitive assessment to the forefront of the the entire recruitment process, as well as the interviews and final hiring decision. The best assessment approaches are not just software platforms, they are based on proven science with high levels of validation and safety for hiring purposes. A top-notch web platform is icing on the cake.

Incorporating extremely valid and accurate data that showcases which candidates are MOST likely to have the highest on-the-job performance solves a host of hiring process challenges and ultimately gets the best candidates in the pipeline.

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