• Nick Ryberg

To DISC, or not to DISC

DISC is one of the most widely recognized assessment tools on the market today.  It is used across a broad range of markets, sectors and settings.  Every event I speak at I always ask for a show of hands regarding assessment usage.  The most hands raised are almost always in response to the question, "who uses DISC?" 

The four factor assessment tool is widely used for a reason.  It's a "four factor" behavioral assessment that provides a great look into what drives and motivates an individual.  The problem with DISC is that it is not safe for use in hiring and selection.  DISC is a "forced choice" question set that has been shown to create adverse impact in hiring and selection processes.  If you're using or contemplating using DISC for hiring, please assess the risk for yourself, but I'm here to tell you it's high risk.  The next logical question is what to do for selection and hiring?  We all know that adding good data to the selection/hiring process as significant positive effects on the business.  If not DISC, then what?  My conclusion is the best four-factor on the market for selection and hiring - The Predictive Index (PI).  Both DISC and PI were derived from the same four-factor research in the 1940/50's via William Marston.  Implementing PI for selection and hiring provides a safe, "free choice word stimulus" user experience that takes approximately five minutes AND is shown to be safe for selection and hiring.  The web platform, inclusion of a cognitive tool and time-tested science makes PI the best sibling available for all of you DISC users out there.  So I say, not to worry all of you DISC disciples, Predictive Index will solve your hiring and selection process and who knows, you might decide it's more likable than DISC for employee development.  


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