• Nick Ryberg

Why Don't Hiring Assessments Say Bad Things?

I get this question frequently.  Prospective clients take a complimentary Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment and during our debrief they commonly ask me, "why doesn't the report say something negative?"  Managers want to know the negative, "bad" stuff about candidates and at times get frustrated that assessment reports provide a general "positive" summary about a candidate's natural behavioral style.  This is a very valid question, but an assessment report is meant to summarize a neutral view of how individual's are naturally wired.  There are definitely statements in assessment reports that suggest what many consider "negative", but as the saying goes, "beauty is in the eyes of the beholder." 

     For example, an individual with a very low patience factor tends to run ahead of others on projects and at times be less detail oriented.  Is this "good" or "bad?"  The answer ALWAYS lies within the JOB TARGET.  With Predictive Index, one of the most critical elements of evaluating assessment results is not necessarily found in the actual assessment results, but within the comparison of the assessment profile to the job targets for which that individual is being considered for.  The subjective good and bad become very clear with the proper comparison of candidates versus job targets - or more properly stated, the gaps between expectations for a role and how someone is naturally wired.  This is where the immense value of job matching through Predictive Index comes into play.  We begin to see what is not readily apparent in those 45 minute superficial, staged events called job interviews.  We see quantifiable, accurate, validated assessment data above how a candidate is wired compared to what we expect in the role.  Is that too "positive" or not enough "negative?"  My's the right data at the right time that assures job fit and reduced unwanted turnover and all the fun that brings.  


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