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About Us

Hunter-Ross, LLC is a business advisory based in Victor, New York, specializing in employee engagement, workforce analytics, leadership and culture improvement consulting, talent acquisition and executive search.  We are a Predictive Index Certified Partner, Qualtrics EX Partner and PI Master Training Center.  We help companies achieve best-in-class engagement performance through a unique blend of analytics, organizational consulting, employee development and talent acquisition.


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Want to Reduce Turnover Rates?
The vast majority of organizations struggle with solving the problem of unwanted employee turnover. Turnover costs represent a significant cost across industry. Department of Labor conservatively estimates an average cost of employee turnover at 30% of annual compensation. For highly compensated staff, turnover can run up above 100% of annual compensation. These are significant hard dollar losses and do not even include the cost of impact on disruption to the organization, the effect on morale, incomplete work and the strain on remaining staff.


This is what “Best-in-Class” organizations strive for. They understand and apply good data to their HR processes, including selection. True alignment is only achieved when individual behavioral profiles align with each unique behavioral job profile across the organization.



These companies consistently achieve greater than 80% positive employee engagement ratings. These top quartile organizations all have two things in common.

                 1. They experience 65% less unwanted employee turnover, AND
                 2. 94% of them use validated assessments in their pre-hire selection and post-hire HR processes.


We partner with companies to help them achieve Best-In-Class through a unique blend of analytics and consulting solutions. It all starts with the most valid four factor assessment sciences in the world. Through our partnership with The Predictive Index, we provide our clients with certification and implementation support based on their unique culture along with access to the top assessment platform in the world. Automatic candidate ranking, job assessment tools, team analytics, and a fully integrated cognitive assessment are just a few of the benefits of the Predictive Index web platform.







If you are ready to tackle the problem of unwanted turnover and achieve alignment, CONTACT US NOW.  
We can provide a complimentary assessment, a quick tour of our web platform or share an overview of the Science Behind PI.