What is Talent Optimization?


Talent is a four part discipline using talent strategy to help you get from business goals to maximum business results.

Move towards achieving your business results with the four steps of talent optimization:

Diagnose, Design, Hire, and Inspire


Identify and isolate your business problems by measuring and analyzing your people data through our employee experience survey and customized action plans. Diagnose is the first part of talent optimization, but is a continual practice for ongoing improvement and performance. 


Build a talent strategy that aligns with your business strategy using the design solution. This is the second part of talent optimization where we help you focus on designing your organization, leadership, culture, and team dynamics purposefully and strategically. 


Use behavioral and cognitive data insights to find and hire top performers, while paying attention to role, team, and culture fit. Hire is the third part of talent optimization, where you will focus on using people data to hire the right people for the right jobs and build high performing teams. 


In the fourth part of talent optimization, give your managers the people data insights they need to manage and develop direct reports. Use your data to invest in career pathing, coaching, and measuring team performance over time.

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